How To Unblock Facebook with Proxy

Follow this one time procedure below to unblock Facebook and access it forever using proxy.

INFO: For now Facebook mobile version works perfectly, we will keep you posted on this page once Facebook web version is completely supported.

Steps to unblock Facebook

Important: Use Firefox web browser to access facebook.

  • Go to and type on the URL field and click Unblock it.

  • Enter your Facebook credentials and Login in.

  • You will be prompted to verify your Identity, Click Continue.

NOTE: This will happen only if you are using to access Facebook for the first time, if not you will directly be taken to the Facebook’s news feed and you can skip all the following steps!

  • Then choose a security check you want to perform to confirm your identity. For example select ‘Provide your date of birth‘ as an option and click Continue.

  • Provide your DOB and Continue.

  • You can also go back and choose other ways to prove your identity by clicking the link ‘Confirm identity in other way’ as seen below.

  • Once you complete your identity check, you are all set. Click Continue.

  • Voila! You are in.

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